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Shandong Leling Tianren Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in the northern part of the northern Shandong Plain and on the coast of the Bohai Sea in Leling. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating electronic medical equipment production and medical equipment operation. In 2002, it was rated as "Integrity and Consumer Satisfaction Unit" and obtained ISO13485: 2003 medical device professional system certification. The main products are: electro-acupuncture, computer anorectal examination and treatment system, medical fiber colonoscopy, B ultrasound diagnostic instrument, color multimedia B-ultrasound, infrared breast diagnostic instrument, breast disease treatment machine, anorectal equipment, anorectal equipment package, medical Fiber colonoscopy and more. The SLT series of medical products produced will be highly evaluated by expert review and will be put on record by the Shandong Drug Administration. ...

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